Reap all the benefits with a membership to Phi Delta Kappa International, then enhance it as a member of our borderless cyberspace chapter.

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Our Mission and Vision

One of our primary missions is to empower members to advocate for their students and their profession, but that is only the beginning.  Find out more about who we are and what we do.

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Members in Action

As a chapter without borders, we have some interesting and very active educators in our membership body.  Meet some of our members and see them in action!  Check out our YouTube channel while we finish this section.  It should be up and running soon.

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PDKWUCC's Pride Store Reopens

We have been working hard to move everything over to this new platform and guess what?  The Pride Store is BACK!! Guess what else?  Graduation regalia is now available!!!  Check it out!


In the meantime...

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