A Vision for Social Change

Our chapter is deeply embedded in the Walden University culture.  In 2017, Walden University published a report detailing their vision for social change.  The report gives a synopsis of nearly 50 years of historical events for the University, then details their 5-year initiative that began in 2015.

So, where do we, as members of PDKWUCC, fit into this plan?  The first goal in their vision applies directly to us, "Leveraging Walden research capacities, expertise, networks, and curricula to serve
external organizations and communities in the application of social change" (p. 7).

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2018 Social Change Projects


Planet of Change: Increasing the Awareness of Climate Change in the Classroom


The 2018 Social Change Project our chapter adopted is increasing awareness of climate change in the classroom.  With our chapter's global advantage, Planet for Change, specifically raising awareness of climate change in the classroom, brings this global issue down to the local level.  NASA discusses "Vitals of the Planet" on their informational website detailing evidence of climate change.


  • Visit NASA's Vital Signs of the Planet site
  • Review the evidence, causes, effects, and solutions posed
  • Bring the discussion into your classroom
  • Have the students visit NASA's Climate Kids, then collaborate on selecting a class project to investigate how climate change impacts their community
  • Submit your project ideas here by April 29th
  • Have your students (families) complete and return the release form
  • Take photos/videos of the students working on their project that will find evidence of the impact climate change has on where they live
  • Have the students write a brief story about the project, what they did, and what evidence they found demonstrating the impact of climate change in their community
  • Submit the release forms, photos, videos, and stories in an email to charity.adams@mail.waldenu.edu by September 15th
  • The projects will be posted on the Walden Website in early October, 2018

All members that participate in this social change initiative will receive recognition in several ways: (1) receive a certificate of completion once the project has been posted in October, (2) featured in our Members in Action area that is relocating to the PDKWUCC.org website, (3) Featured on Walden University's website.  All students will receive a certificate of participation.

Check out NASA's Vital Signs of the Planet


Increasing Anti-bias Education in the Classroom

Content on this is still being constructed.  Keep checking back or view our most recent newsletter to learn more.

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