Kailyn Glassmacher

Meet Kailyn Glassmacher

I’m new student transferred from Gallaudet University to complete my Master of Public Administration - General. I will start my classes for first time at Walden in end of May. I did graduated with two bachelor degrees from Gallaudet in Graphic Design with minor in photography then graduated with Business Administration with concentration in Human Resources Management and Marketing.

I did a lot of volunteering for very long time. I am currently volunteering as web design team for online ministry, Deaf Women of Faith. I have designed and maintained their website to keep it updated since July 2016. I also volunteer as Delta Zeta Public Relations Advisor for Gallaudet University since February 2016. I was an active member of Delta Zeta Sorority from 2009 to 2014. I held a lot of positions in the sorority while I was active. I was Treasurer for two years, Vice President of Programs for almost 2 years, Vice President of Membership for 1 year, Guard Chair for 1 year, philanthropy chair for 1 year, fundraising chair for 1 year, and alumnae relations for two years. There were times I held 2 positions at same time and, one year, I had to held 3 positions due limit of sisters at time. I did everything on time with sorority tasks and am very skilled with multi-tasking. I had volunteered with Delta Zeta chapter as Sisterhood Advisor from February 2015 to August 2017. I had volunteered to be part of Gallaudet’s Homecoming team as Accessibility Coordinator in 2014. I had 3 internships so far which included Pharmacy Technician intern in 2007, web designer for Gallaudet as intern in 2010, and human resource intern at Gallaudet in 2013.

I’m very good with communication/interpersonal. I’m very motivated and desire to learn new things that I love. I’m very committed to anything in my life to be successful. I’m bilaterally profoundly deaf and have muscular dystrophy - similar but in rare form (As right now it’s Glassmacher’s syndrome since I’m oldest and only girl on medical record so far). I’m wheelchair bound. I’m using American Sign Language to communicate “verbally”. I am a very responsible person and always willing to work with teams or partners to make things successful or fix the issue.

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