Steve Smith

Meet Coach Steve Smith

My name is Stephen C. Smith (Steve), and I am a U.S. History teacher as well as a football and basketball coach at Nimitz High School in Irving, Texas.  I have been an educator officially for nine years after spending the previous 25 in the U.S. Air Force.  I used the term “officially” because the last 12 years of my Air Force career involved educating base personnel on the commander’s policy on unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment both here in the United States and abroad.  So, although I had the benefit of a more captive audience in the military, I had some extra preparation for a career in the classroom.

I am close to completing the Master of Science in Education (MSED) program, and am excited to continue learning and transferring new knowledge to the classroom.  By doing so, I can improve the educational prospects of my students and, by extension, their future.  With my wife and our precocious four-year-old son remain in my corner, I have all the support needed to do well.

I endeavor to make my history class more than just another credit students need to graduate.  By maintaining an environment where they can thrive and develop an ardent appreciation of history, students can take advantage of all the lessons it has for us going forward.

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