support staff


  • ✦ Increase membership and retention of members
  • ✦ Work with VP of Communications and Digital Content Managers to promote and grow chapter membership
  • ✦ Attend local Walden Events (such as graduations and doctoral residencies) to represent and promote the chapter
  • ✦ Maintain accurate and up-to-date member records
  • ✦ Send reminder/anniversary emails to respective members as necessary
  • ✦ Receive and process online membership applications according to established protocols
  • ✦ Submit new and continuing chapter members to digital content manager for inclusion in the newsletters

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CONTENT EDITORS (1 hr per week)

  • ✦ Writing blog posts and marketing copy to promote the chapter and journal
  • ✦ Proofreading, re-structuring, and editing submitted articles
  • ✦ Updating the journal’s website and social media pages with new content


  • ✦ Work directly with VP of Communications and content editors in writing content for blog posts, newsletters, websites, and social media
  • ✦ Compose, arrange, and submit the monthly newsletter with VP of Communications from Mail Chimp for distribution
  • ✦ Monitor content and events from members, Walden Student Affairs, PDK Kappan, PDK Intl. website, and sister organizations for inclusion
  • ✦ Recruit current members for Member Spotlight for website and newsletters
  • ✦ Other duties as assigned

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ADVISORS (less than 6 hrs/mo):

  • ✦ Remains aware of the mission, vision, goals, and history of the chapter
  • ✦ Participate in all applicable elections and voting opportunities of both PDK International and this Chapter
  • ✦ Completes and signs the Statement of Review
  • ✦ Attend officer meetings
  • ✦ Assist with decision-making and development of the chapter
  • ✦ Serve as liaisons between the Chapter and the external organization, or
  • ✦ Serve as liaisons between PDK International and the Chapter officers, or
  • ✦ Serve as liaisons between the Chapter Officers and Chapter members
  • ✦ Performs such other duties as the Chapter may require

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We are recruiting current members to serve on as committee members to help orchestrate and accomplish the 2019 Virtual Professional Development Fairs and monthly webinars.  The fairs consist of 6 one-hour webinars on one Saturday in the Fall and Spring.  Monthly webinars may be longer.

  • ✦ Work directly with Webinar Hosts to schedule dates and times for fair workshops and monthly webinars
  • ✦ Recruit professionals from K12 and higher education schools to present on topics relevant to preschool through 12th grade
  • ✦ Work directly with the VP of Communications and Digital Content Manager to provide pertinent information for marketing and promotion
  • ✦ Work directly with presenters to complete branding of their workshop/webinar presentations
  • ✦ Complete certificates of presentation to give to presenters upon completing their workshop/webinar
  • ✦ Complete certificates and email to attendees at the end of the webinar/workshop
  • ✦ Email satisfaction survey to attendees within 24 hours after the webinar/workshop ends
  • ✦ Other duties as needed

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We are recruiting current members to serve as proposal reviewers for professional development webinars, fair workshops, and JEPSC articles.

  • ✦ Complete a review of proposals for topic track(s) within your area of expertise
  • ✦ Select a designated number of proposals to recommend for inclusion in the fair/monthly webinar series
  • ✦ Work directly with assigned team members to collaborate on proposal selection
  • ✦ Present selected proposals with all comments to Professional Development Planning Committee
  • ✦ Review and select previously submitted proposals from the archives to fill open spots
  • ✦ When no live presentation is available, select a recorded webinar from the list and submit for consideration
  • ✦ Other duties as needed

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WEBINAR HOSTS (8 - 10 hrs/yr)

We are currently seeking active members to host live professional development webinars and workshops.  Time commitment is between 8 - 10 hours per year.

  • ✦ Host at least one monthly webinars per quarter (at least 3 per year)
  • ✦ Host at least two professional development fair workshops per season (at least 4 per year)
  • ✦ Launch satisfaction survey to batch at the end of the workshop/webinar

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